Welcome - Intro to the Work of the Course

07/23/2019 13:54

Nicholas Cole is a young entrepreneur who’s successfully led entrepreneurs, and what I refer to as “true life leaders,” to remarkable success. Much of what he writes I ascribe to as an educator, and I challenge you to practice these simple ideas as a student on this class. If you do, you will emerge from the experience a better person – a better manager and leader.

Cole: If you only focus on how much you can give, you never have to worry about who takes and doesn’t give back.

LCB: We do group work, group thinking via “research roundtables.” Be present and contributive to the work of the course, and you will see this reflected in your grade. I’m good at noticing the efforts of even the quiet folks among us.

Cole: There is no sense in debating the strategy of something unless the ship is already moving (“You can’t steer a stationary ship”).

LCB: You can’t move yourself to greater understanding of any topic, or anything, unless you nurture your own personal interest in it. Topics I cover are rich with multiple interesting angles. Enjoy the journey in discovering them.

Cole: You are both what you say you are — and what you do on a daily basis.

LCB: I strive to be what effective managers- of business, classrooms, organizations, etc. are: firm, fair, consistent. I can also be flexible in the way mature, resilient adults are. Be one, and expect a fair return. Please respect boundaries, class-start and end times, timelines, and most of all, honor each other.


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