Week 7 & 8: So, What WOULD McKinsey Do?

10/04/2019 14:59

Reading Assignment: Block Chapter 6 - The Agonies of Contracting

Here we go! What does advanced practice consulting look like? What does it take to be one of the "best of the best?" 

First, remember that there are several consulting tiers, and consultants operate at numerous levels. You should understand what the "big five" consultancies offer, and how they operate. If you would like to be a consultant, you'll likely want to study the practice at an advanced level in order to deliver your best work.

The "Big Five" also produce white papers and research to help business do better. I'll distribute a sample from McKinsey, and we'll discuss how a professional consultant might take a page from their marketing playbook to develop business for themselves...while also honing their own advisory skills!

And because all learning is review, we will apply the 7s framework to a hypothetical business. We'll see how, in a best case scenario, a logical progression of questions can bring us to many potential approaches that lead to solutions for organizations seeking our help. 

We will also have a chance to try our consulting skills on a realistic case...in which you should have a unique and useful perspective.

This interesting article describes the pervasive necessity of coaching in organizations - all organizations. Consultants working within the "Big Five" consulting firms are masterful coaches.

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