Week 2: Self-Awareness & Reading Assignment

09/01/2019 14:17

It's been great getting to know you all!  Whether you are confident or less so, please know you have much to offer as educated individuals and use the time in the course to give yourself the professional credibility you deserve. I'll be providing a handout for you to keep, called "Getting In." 

The first week we focused on answering questions designed to help us hone in on what we have to offer the consulting world, even today at this stage of our life experience.  Where have we been useful? Do people we know ask us for specific kinds of advice? What makes us good advisors? What engenders trust in relationships? How does our physical presence encourage trust and convey authenticity?

This week offers two "points" opportunities.

1. Wednesday, we'll apply our self-inquiry results to the task of giving voice to our competence. I'll demonstrate and we will help one another. Basically, it will look like this:

Introduce yourself by name - Tell us a little bit about who you are - share a quick mention of a skill or ability you know you have - finally, end with something like "and I'm looking forward to being part of this consulting group!"

This is a 15-points attendance day. The experience directly supports a key learning objective of the course: PER SYLLABUS, as shown under the "This Course" tab:

Learning objective #2 - Student will have gained the insight necessary to build relationships. earn trust, and guide clients effectively through the consulting processes.

It's easy to see how being able to do this will help you in many professional situations. Example, if it helps you develop your own intro:

Hi everyone, my name is John Miller. At this time in my college career, I have learned a few things. One is that I am good at problem-solving, especially when others are ready to give up. An example of this is when ___________.  I'm looking forward to working with all of you."

2. On Friday, there is an 18-point quiz on topics we have discussed so far in week one especially. There are 6 questions, Know the difference between "consulting tiers," from the handout of last week. These are general questions about the consulting field that should pose no problem to you. I WILL SUPPLY THE SCANTRON THIS TIME FOR YOU


  PS - If you feel less than comfortable interacting straightforwardly and professionally with others, please read this interesting article from HBR on how learning is supposed to be uncomfortable. Learners are brave individuals, and for that, you should be proud.



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