Week 1 - Following Along With Our Intro Material

08/26/2019 14:40

Wednesday, we'll discuss a little about Monday's exercise. If you have had any time of strengths assessment, be prepared to share something about that experience.

You will be getting a lot of handouts from me. I suggest you keep these in a consultant file for yourself for further and future reference. You will need to manage the knowledge of the course for yourself. Consultants do that - manage and organize knowledge.

We're going to discuss how simple changes in our affect - our body language - can shape the perceptions of others and enable our success.

Consider a time you helped someone figure something out.

Understand how important attentiveness, focus and authenticity is to the consultant.

I'll provide you wth a page to read and consider for discussion on Friday.

You will receive a page informing you about the various consulting tiers (not to be confused with tears :)

How one man's consultant practice turned into a "respectful revolution" and a lifelong career

Consulting in Organizations1-6.pptx (2927194)

A Social Psychologist Explains Body Language & Power

Claiming Skills, Projecting Confidence - Professionalism.pptx (33986)


Don't forget:

Authenticity is the key by which others earn our trust, opening the door for us to demonstrate our skills and competencies
Earning trust quickly involves simply being our best, most authentic and confident selves. In casual terms, this is "showing up to do the work involved."
Focus on learning, as well as honing our ability to answer questions, serve us well in problem-solving contexts. Paying attention when we are not particularly engaged is a skill we can develop.


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