November Consultant Guests in GLENN 102 at 1pm

Friday, Nov 1st - Oliver Montalbano. Business Strategy, KPMG
Wednesday, Nov 13, Stefanie Fricano, Independent Project Management / IT Consultant, formerly Senior Manager at Accenture
Wednesday, November 20, Thomas Villa, Independent Consultant, Multi-Award Winning Director of Sufferlein Sales Program  - On Selling Yourself

What can you learn from a course in organizational consulting

in exchange for the work you’ll put into it? 

Choose your adventure.

Tools of the course:

Hands-on practice with adapted, real-life cases
Illustrated conceptual materials and work sheets
Class exercises designed to enhance self-efficacy and problem-solving skills
Reflection, feedback, personal coaching
Guest speaker


If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You. – Steve Jobs

Weekly Notes & Study Guide

10/16/2019 18:19
45 point quiz Wednesday October 23rd. Topics covered are found in Chapters 3, 4, and 5 and related discussion. It will be multiple choice, so please bring a pencil and a 15 question scantron.   The following two weeks will be solidifying what we know about using our skills to act as...
10/04/2019 14:59
Reading Assignment: Block Chapter 6 - The Agonies of Contracting Here we go! What does advanced practice consulting look like? What does it take to be one of the "best of the best?"  First, remember that there are several consulting tiers, and consultants operate at numerous levels. You...
09/21/2019 14:57
Please remember that there is NO CLASS on Monday, Sept. 30, but Homework is due On Wednesday, October 2nd. The following highlights study and research expectations for the next couple of weeks. _______________________________________________________________________________ Your assignment last week...
09/13/2019 20:32
Monday you will have a 15 question assessment that requires you to have a solid understanding of the 36 pages of Block's book that you were given time to read and reflect upon. By NEXT WEEK, please have reviewed pages 37-50 of Flawless Consulting. This is CHAPTER 3. You will be presented with a...
09/07/2019 19:32
Opportunities today are literally endless. The following information is from the National Center for the Middle Market, which aims to provide helpt to mid-sized firms. Assignment this week is to review this material and, by end of this week, Chapters 1 and 2 of the Flawless Consulting book. It's...
09/01/2019 14:17
It's been great getting to know you all!  Whether you are confident or less so, please know you have much to offer as educated individuals and use the time in the course to give yourself the professional credibility you deserve. I'll be providing a handout for you to keep, called "Getting...
08/26/2019 14:40
Wednesday, we'll discuss a little about Monday's exercise. If you have had any time of strengths assessment, be prepared to share something about that experience. You will be getting a lot of handouts from me. I suggest you keep these in a consultant file for yourself for further and future...
07/23/2019 13:54
Nicholas Cole is a young entrepreneur who’s successfully led entrepreneurs, and what I refer to as “true life leaders,” to remarkable success. Much of what he writes I ascribe to as an educator, and I challenge you to practice these simple ideas as a student on this class. If you do, you will...


Linda Clark-Borre